'I Love Lee Taeri' Rice Wreath Support Project

Greetings:Hello Kibum fans!

As we all know, Kibum’s new drama TVN ‘I Love Lee Taeri’ will premiere this coming May 28, 2012. Therefore this is a good opportunity for his fans to show our undying love and support.

To cheer and congratulate him on his upcoming drama, we will be sending Rice Wreaths on the event. The rice wreaths will be donated to the needy in name of Kibum.

Photo Credit: www.superlegacy.com

How can I participate? You have two options:

1) Donate $95*/$110 (20kg) | Perks:

  • Rice wreath with 2 ribbon (left side: your message | right side: your name/fanbase name)
  • Photo of your rice wreath

*price difference is because of the difference of the design

2) If you don’t have enough, don’t worry you can still donate! All donations will be collected and will be used to buy rice wreaths under the name of @welovekibum

How can I donate? 

Donations can be made via paypal HERE.

You can also do money transfers to us thru HERE (ACCEPTED WORLDWIDE)

Bank transfers are also available on the following countries below:

  1. Singapore - @wennykha
  2. Philippines - @readysetdrool / @lovekibummie
  3. Japan - @_keyteuk
  4. Indonesia - @nuneo89 / @JaciDeeBlacks
  5. Italy - @The_mery89
  6. Vietnam - @KiBumVN
  7. Thailand (Please coordinate w/ @kibummiethaifan)


Any questions?

Reach us through: @welovekibum | @lovekibummie