13912 OFFICIAL Fan Account of Kibum’s Interview for the Fanmeeting

Kim Kibum’s first impressions of S’pore (clean, peaceful and quiet) were formed during his journey from the airport to the hotel!

Kibum felt that it’s less hectic filming in China, which gave him more time to figure out how he wanted to develop his character.

Kibum wants to try his hand at playing an evil character, specifically one that believes in & justifies his own evil actions. #KibuminSG

Kibum hopes to have a meaningful session with his fans and communicate and learn more about them at the fanmeet tomorrow!

Kibum being very generous in dishing out his “killer smile” he’s famous for! #KibumInSG

CREDITS: dinoseoul.com

13912 OFFICIAL Fan Account of Kibum’s Interview for the Fanmeeting

Kim Kibum first impression of SG: quiet, peaceful and clean country! :)

Kim Kibum said he’s nervous for the fan meeting tomorrow but he wants to meet the fans quickly! XD #kimkibuminsg

Kim Kibum hopes to spend time with his mother and communicate more with the fans as his end-of-year wish! Aww :) #kimkibuminsg

Kim Kibum said the main purpose of tomorrow fan meeting is to spend time with the fans and have fun with them! ^^ #kimkibuminsg

Kim Kibum said to him, memory of love means moments with the fans or filming a drama with the director and staffs! #kimkibuminsg

As known for killer smile, Kim Kibum laughed and said “everyone, thank you~” #kimkibuminsg

Kim Kibum said he wants to try playing the evil character! #kimkibuminsg

Kim Kibum said he have interest in filming modern chinese dramas too! #kimkibuminsg

As chinese dramas have to film before broadcast unlike korean dramas, Kim Kibum felt more relaxing & there’s ample time for it! kimkibuminsg

Kim Kibum said that the major differences in filming korean and chinese dramas: timing! #kimkibuminsg

CREDITS: @KAvenyou