120806 Herald Media News Interview {TRANSLATION}

“I wanted to return to being a 14 year old and make the audience remember the passionate young love.”

Kim kibum played the lead role of TVN’s monday/tuesday drama, I Love Lee Taeri. His character wished a weird wish and ended up becoming a 25 year old from a 14 years old. He played as the counter part for ice princess Park Yaejin who didnt trust in love after being betrayed by her first love.

After spending 3 months as Geum Undong, he seems to be still caught in the character.

“After finishing it, i took a break for about 4 days. I had special affection for UnDong character so the after-effect was strong. I’m trying to adjust back to my own life.”

I love Lee Taeri is a special work for him. He finished it well, dispite it being his first time as lead role. He was also able to escape the image he had before.

“As we recorded, i wondered ‘Am i leading the drama well?’ I was pressured from being the lead role. But i had faith in Park Yaejin sunbaenim so i wasnt stressed too much. I depended on her a lot.”

“I’ve been doing ‘Good Boy’ characters before this so i wanted to escape from that. I really wanted to try a comical acting and ruin my image. Guem Undong role came to me in a comfortable way so i was able to act comfortably and the viewers liked that.”

Kibum showed a cute romantic scenes with Park yaejin during the drama. The age difference between the two in real life is 6 years. But their acting was very natural, almost like any Older/Younger couples.

“When i first heard about acting with her, I thought ‘Will we match..?’ but when we acted and saw ourselves on TV, i never thought that it was awkward. We worked well together.”

Another part loved by the viewers was the perfect combination of kim Kibum and Jang SuhWon. The two appeared as a student / teacher relationship and showed great charms.

“Jang SuhWon hyung and I studied our characters together 2 months before recording. There were many scenes with us together so we wanted to practice it earlier to make it funny. Sometimes we conversed only with the lines from the script. (Laugh) I’m glad the scenes were portrayed well.”

I Love Lee Taeri used Time Slip. Many dramas are also using the subject. What does it mean for Kibum?

“I read a manhwa on timeslip about 5 years ago. I kept thinking that it would be funny to see as a drama. The topic was funny. ‘I love Lee Taeri’ came as a refreshing subject like that.”

Kim Kibum wanted to show a message to the people with the character Geum Undong who suddenly becomes an adult.

“I wanted to show them what the current social world looks to innocent childrens eyes. I wanted to portray the uneasyness a 14 year old with an adult body would feel. I wanted to express it a bit different way. And average people have their first love around then. I wanted to bring back that memory for all the viewers with UnDong’s first love.”

Kibum chose a best scene out of the drama. The scene chosen was the scene where Undong transformed to an adult body while swimming. Why did he choose that scene?

“With that scene, the drama’s story starts. After reading the first script, i really anticipated for the story line. I prepared hard for it. I wanted to show a more perfect scene. I worked out hard to look pretty. I think that’s why i’m attatched to that scene.”

“Before recording, i tried to learn what 14 years old’s think like. I watched lots of animations and met many kids. I tried to look for kids who were similar to the character Guem Undong. Since Undong is a swimmer, i studied Park TaeHwan too. (Laugh).”

Kibum was seriously thinking and worrying about his acting. His continuous studying and thinking makes us anticipate for his future works.

“There are many characters i want to try. I want to try a different type of character. I want to show a completely different character the next time. I think it’s really fun acting roles that are different from your real personality.”

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Translated by: Naya @Nksubs

120805 Kibum’s interview w/ Star News eng trans

Kim Kibum now suits the keyword Actor more than a member of an idol group. It’s not surprising to see him acting now.

Kibum once roamed the stage with Super Junior as a singer but now he’s gaining attention with acting. He finally erased the stereotypes people had in mind with the keyword “Idol Singer”.

Recently, he showed his talent with a cable channel TVN’s popular drama ‘I love Lee Taeri’. He acted a more light and happy character compared to his character from ‘Deep rooted tree’ last year. Because of that, he was able to capture not just younger girls but noona fans hearts

Kim kibum acted as Gum Undong and as Hwang Minsu in ‘I love Lee Taeri’. At the beginning, he shook the hearts of girls with exposing scenes. We thought exposures might have been hard for him but he answered differently.

"Showing the character was harder than the exposing scenes. I worried about the character since end of Feb. The producer and I thought differently. At first, it was hard to record but it became easy and fun. If the scripts came out just a bit earlier, i would have been able to study the character more. That part, i regret."

Last year, he appeared as Park PaengNyun on Deep Rooted Tree. He left a great impression with the first Historical drama he appeared on. He was praised for his witty and charismatic acting. Kibum said he wanted to show a different side on ‘I love Lee Taeri’

"I wasn’t able to show personal side of the character this time. I tried to approach the audience as the character, not as Kibum. I tried to show them the personality and the charm of that character. I took a hiatus for a bit. I rested because i wanted to change myself after hearing that I was acting the characters as Kibum, not as the character."

Kibum acted as the counter role for Park Yaejin in ‘I love Lee Taeri.’ It must have not been easy to work with Park Yaejin.

"There weren’t many NGs. We trusted each other as we acted. We acted to show our characters. It was comfortable to record. Yaejin sunbae’s first impression on me was different than the image from ‘Family Outing’. She was very cool and she talked well.  It was easy to record with her."

Kim Kibum chose the Most Memorable episode from I Love Lee Taeri. He chose the episode when he got slapped by Sunny Hill’s Joobi. He mentioned this at the press conference for the drama release. Joobi slapped him to the point where his jaw was dislocated and had to go to the hospital.

"Even if i look back at it now, it was a hard blow. It was her first time acting so I guess she was excited. We got a ‘OK’ sign after the scene but i had to go to the hospital. We couldnt record the next scene. I wasn’t close to her and this happened on the first recording and made our relationship awkward. Hahaha."

He laughed over the incident but hinted that Hunger was hardeat to fight.

"There were exposing scenes in the drama so I exercised. But the scenes appeared in many points so I had to keep up the shape. I kept it up by exercising and eating chicken breast. It was hard to act when I was hungry. When I was hungry and sleepy, i became more sensitive. So it was hard."

Kim kibum is showing his skills as an actor though he was a singer. Fans are sad about not being able to see him sing. He says he wants to act for a bit. Then what more will he show us?

"i want to do many works and roles. If it’s not something that is completely no no for me, i want to try it all. I feel that I have just NOW started to act. There is much more to show. I showed a 14 year old with I Love Lee Taeri’s Undong role. In next work, i want to do a complete opposite role. I want to show myself changing."

Kibum, who has greed in acting, wants to become a real actor with real feelings within his actings.

"I act well while looking into other person’s eyes. Even if the camera isn’t focused on me, i usually say my lines this way. If i look at the other’s eyes, i can express feelings better."

Kibum is taking small steps into acting. He showed a different side of him than from ‘Nap’ theater skit, dramas, and from him in movies. Will he stand on the theater stage again?

"I learned a lot from the theater stage. Huh Jinho producer and actors.. The time spent together was fun. I want to do skits too. It’s hard but I want to do more in the future."

He started acting in 2004. We asked him, “How far do you think you have come as an Actor?”

"The time i decided to act was 2004. I appeared on ‘Ban Olim 2’ after that. But I never thought about where I was as an actor. When I was younger, I knew I liked acting but didnt know why. But during ‘Deep rooted tree’ and ‘I love lee Taeri’ and not being able to sleep because of recordings & memorizing the script made me realize why I wanted to act."


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Kim Kibum on his rumored eyelid surgery

All of a sudden, Super Junior Kibum updated his twitter and tweeted this,

@ikmubmik: Ah.. What double eyelid surgery.. My eyes are swollen because of atopy, so perhaps you can see it when I put on make-up..ㅋ I don’t really care about others, but to people who know me I really didn’t do it (double eyelid surgery)ㅋㅋ translated by @euodsie for @sjworld


@ikmubmik: 아.. 쌍커풀 수술은 뭔가.. 아토피땜에 눈에 상처나서 화장 진하게한게 그리보인건가..ㅋ 다른사람들은 관심없고, 내 지인분들 저 한거아닙니다ㅋㅋ
T/N: Atopy is like an allergy or allergic reaction. He used 상쳐 which literally means injured, but in terms of his eye, it’s probably swollen. Don’t mind the tone too much..take it with a pinch of salt. Kibum’s snarky like that ㅋㅋ
info from 
@euodsie for @sjworld

Source: Kibum’s twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net